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Making the right choice for your commercial and residential earthmoving projects can be hard. Let our team of service experts provide you with the confidence that you've made the right choice.

Our a-team is ready for the challenge, so pick up the phone or drop us an email and you'll be surprised at how easy it can be to find the solution that's right for you.

CMS Plant Hire Pty Ltd (ABN 73 143 852 411)

12 Churchill Street, SILVERWATER NSW 2128

Phone:  (02) 9647 1929
Fax:       (02) 9648 2442

For plant hire call Matt Scott on 0425 296 245
or email: matt@cmsplanthire.com.au.

For civil contracting, call one of our friendly team:

Matt Walker:   0409 952 975   mwalker@cmsplanthire.com.au
Nigel Dunn:    0425 277 752    nigel@cmsplanthire.com.au
Mick Snell:      0414 393 245    mick@cmsplanthire.com.au

For account enquiries, email: accounts@cmsplanthire.com.au